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Buying a property at auction

Like any auction, a property auction is often fast-paced and requires you to make a quick decision to get the best deal. Buying a property at auction usually means you’ll need cash up-front and fast; this is where short-term finance comes in.

Bridging loans are a fast form of finance perfectly suited for buying a property at auction. With a quick turn-around, you can have the money with you in time for an auction.

Cornerstone Capital can make lending decisions quickly so that funds can be made available in a matter of days.

Suppose you have identified a target property and set yourself a maximum level you are willing to pay. In that case, we can review your loan options at an early stage, before the auction and provide you with an Offer in Principle.

You can then go into an auction room and bid confidently, knowing your finance will be with you in time for completion.

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